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Please recheck the code:
- type exactly as printed on the product.
- you made a mistake when you typed the code.

But If you typed the code exactly as it is printed then you bought a fake product.

This code was checked:3times

This may mean that the product you're checking probably has been a victim of counterfeiters.
For more information please email us, and we will gladly clarify any doubt about that

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By entering your drug code in the online form on the UPIC website, one can learn about how many times the page was accessed. This detail can be considered as an index of product authenticity. Since each box has a unique number, the codes checked too often are identified as suspicious by the system. Too many checks on a product indicate that the product is counterfeit.

The most recent (2018) method of protection against counterfeit products is the customized hologram used on the packaging of every product for which counterfeiting has been reported. The holograms are complex images, made up of a compilation of unique elements.

Holograms on the packaging of tablets will be marked with the word „TABLETS”, while those on the packaging of ampoules, with the inscription „INJECTABLES”.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is continuously working on maintaining the high quality of its products and to protect consumers from counterfeit and is urging you to pay close attention to the distinctive elements of the original products made by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

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